Get Into a Hot Tub This Winter

In-Ground Pools

Aquafun has been building in-ground pools for Cowichan Valley families for over 25 years. Brent Winnitoy is our award-winning designer and construction manager. We specialize in steel-walled vinyl liner pools and also install fibreglass shell pools. See our photographs in the Pool Gallery.


At Aquafun, we understand that water is the very essence of existence and we are experts in helping you to incorporate its benefits into your own home and lifestyle.

Using water to soothe and heal is not a modern innovation. Throughout recorded history, people of all cultures have sought out the life affirming properties of water. “Taking the baths” has long been considered a hallmark of fine living.

Today, modern technology and innovation bring this gift of hydrotherapy into your home. What was once the privilege of kings and queens is now available to you.