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Why choose a Fisher Lap™ Swim Spa?

Play, chill out or enjoy a workout – the choice is yours with the Fisher Lap™ swim spa.

This versatile swim spa boasts five sculpted spa seats plus a spacious swim section, comfortable hydrotherapy recliner, a hydrotherapy seat, a sport seat and two rejuvenation seats.

The Fisher Lap™ also has three powerful swim jets that are ideal for swimming or fitness training.


From 5 adult


From 5.875 x 2.295 x 1.49


fisher lap
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Fisher Lap™ Swim Spa Features

Fisher Lap

The Fisher Lap™ has three hydromassage-focused seats and two cool-down seats.

Hydromassage Lounger

The Fisher Lap™ features an ergonomic hydrotherapy lounger combining an upper and lower back massage.

Back Massage Seat

Let these powerful jets massage away muscle tension in your back and legs.

Easy Step-In Entry

We’ve made getting in and out of your spa simple and safe. We’ve applied those same principles to removing your spa cover. Easy as that.

Two Cool Down Seats

These two seats are designed to be used to recover in between training sets.

Jets for aqua fitness

The Fisher Swim™ has three high-volume swim jets that create the ideal current for beginner swimming, jogging or aqua fitness.

Stainless Steel Massage Jets</p>

Stainless Steel Massage Jets

Durable yet sleek-looking stainless steel jets strategically placed to deliver a robust hydromassage.

Chromotherapy Lighting

Every Fisher™ spa incorporates chromotherapy, multicoloured LED lighting. Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Fisherglow™ waterline lighting provides an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.
Chromotherapy Lighting<br />
Automatic Water Care<br />

Automatic Water Care

Ozone clarification is a proven technology that has been used for decades to automatically clarify spa water.

Fisher Spas™ Tech Pack & Sound System (Optional)

Stream you favourite music. Listen to your favourite podcasts. Control and monitor your spa remotely with the included SmartLINK™ WiFi module, built-in amplifier, subwoofer and waterproof speakers. (Requires the free SmartLINK™ app and Android or Apple device)

Premium SpaNet™ Controller

The SV3 SpaNet™ controller that comes with the Fisher Swim™, not only alows you to save on heating costs with it’s dynamic thermal tuning, it also gives you total control from either inside or outside the spa. Turn your lights on/off, change colour and colour modes to fit your mood. Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort levels. Turn the jets or the air bubbles on/off to get the massage you desire.

DuraCabinet™ Long Life Cabinet

These composite cabinets are as tough as they are beautiful. Designed to stand the test of time – they are impervious to rot, mould and mildew.

Programmable Circulation Pump

All Fisher Spas™ come with a programmable circulation pump for higher energy efficiency.

Thermolock™ Perimeter Insulation (Limited Edition)

Much of the heat loss from a spa actually happens whilst the spa is circulating water through the plumbing during a filtration cycle. Because most manufacturers insulate the spa’s shell, the plumbing is outside of the insulation and heat is lost to the surrounding environment. Fisher Spas™ fit their insulation to the inside of the spa’s cabinet, creating an air gap and locking the heat in.

High-Density Locking Cover

Most of the heat loss in a spa occurs through the spa’s cover. As such, it is important that the spa’s cover is manufactured from a high-density foam that has better heat retention properties. The Fisher Spa™ covers feature a high-density foam insert which is also heat shrink sealed to prevent water ingress, prolonging the cover’s life.

USA Made Acrylic Shell

Fisher Spas™ come with a quad-core shell construction making the shell last a lifetime. A layer of American-made acrylic is strengthened with a layer of vinyl ester resin and marine grade polyester resin, this is underpinned by ceramic reinforced resin for unsurpassed strength and rigidity.

Four Layer Shell Construction

At the heart of any good spa is a quality spa shell. After all, whilst pumps and other equipment can be replaced, the shell cannot.

For this reason, Fisher Spas™ use a four layer, eight step lamination process not found in most spas. This process includes curing the shell in a temperature and humidity controlled oven. This is absolutely vital if the shell is to last the distance.

SV SmartLINK™ WiFi Module (Optional)

If you do not choose the optional Fisher™ WiFi and Audio Kit but still want to control and monitor your spa remotely from anywhere in the world, you can choose the optional SpaNet™ SmartLINK™ WiFi/bluetooth control unit. Simply download the SmartLINK™ phone app (Android or Apple) and you can control all your spa functions simply and remotely.

SpaNet™ Integrated Heat Pump Interface

If you want to save up to 75% on your spa heating cost, you can choose the optional SpaNet™ Hybrid Heat Pump. This optional integrated system is plug and play with the SV controller.

Timber-Free FisherFrame™ Construction

FisherFrame™ construction is a timber-free framing system that is impervious to rot, mildew or vermin damage. Produced using heavy-duty galvanised steel tubing, it is designed to last indefinitely, hence the lifetime warranty.

Colours to Suit Your Home

A range of stunning colours available.

Shell Colours

Pearl Shadow

Pearl Shadow

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Cabinet Colours



fisher lap


Detailed specifications for the Fisher Lap™ swim spa.
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The Fisher Spas™ range of spas is covered by comprehensive warranty agreements providing peace of mind when you purchase Fisher Spas™.



10 Year Non Pro rata shell Warranty

All Fisher Spas are offered with a 10 year ‘non pro-rata’ shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa’s shell blisters or cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.



5 Year Plumbing Warranty

The jets and plumbing system of all Fisher Spas is warranted against defects for 5 years. After the first year the warranty covers parts replacement only.



2 Year Pumps and Controls Warranty

The pumps and control system of all Fisher Spas are warranted against defects for 2 years. The first year of this warranty is a full parts and labour warranty whilst the second year covers the parts replacement only.